Shopify at 1$ per month 3 months It's Free! Shopify 3 Months 1 euro

Over time Shopify proposed offers so that as many people as possible can start an online shop. But you're not ready for this new update of the 28 May 2023 !

shopify trial 1€ 3 months

FREE SHOPIFY 3 DAY TRIAL then 3 months at 1$ per month

With the rise of dropshipping, or rather direct shipment, many people want to take the plunge and go into the lucrative e-commerce business.

We must recognize that this is a growing sector of activity and it is far from being finished because people have now become accustomed to consuming online!

Shopify being the simplest solution (no technical skills required) while being complete to launch its e-commerce it is normal that many entrepreneurs are turning to this solution.

And it must be acknowledged that Shopify makes it easy for us because it offers us deals that allow us to minimise financial risksThe main sticking point when starting a business!

Shopify special offer: a golden opportunity for new merchants

Are you a new entrepreneur or looking to expand your online business? ShopifyShopify, one of the largest e-commerce platforms, has an offer that could well change your life as an entrepreneur. From 22 August 2023, Shopify is launching a special offer for new merchants: monthly subscription plans for only 1 euro for three months.

Plan your success with three Shopify plans

Shopify offers three plans to suit all types of merchant:

  • Basic plan at €27 per month
  • Shopify Map at €79 per month
  • Advanced plan 299 per month

Whichever plan you choose, you can take advantage of the offer and switch to your plan for just €1 a month for three months.

shopify trial 1€ 3 months

FREE SHOPIFY 3 DAY TRIAL then 3 months at 1$ per month

What do you get with your Shopify free trial?

The Shopify free trial is a goldmine. Here are the benefits that await you during this period:

  • Free access to Shopify Plussuch as product reviews, stock management, customer support and shipping
  • A dedicated account manager which will help you configure your shop
  • A manufacturer of online sales tunnel that will help you build a profitable e-commerce business
  • Access to more 40,000 applications and extensions
  • From personalised training courses

Table of possible savings with the reduction

Plan Usual price Possible savings
Basic plan 27/month 26€/quarter
Shopify Map 79/month 78€/quarter
Advanced plan 299/month 298€/quarter

What happens at the end of your Shopify free trial?

Shopify's free trial usually lasts for 14 days, but with this offer you'll get a discount code valid for your monthly subscription for 3 months. If you don't cancel the subscription before the end of the trial period, you'll automatically be charged for a monthly subscription.

What about limitations during the Shopify trial?

Great news! During your trial, you can create an unlimited number of shops, upload an unlimited number of product images, create an unlimited number of categories, and even sell an unlimited number of products.

Final verdict - Is the £1/month Shopify offer worth it?

The answer is a yes a resounding success! Shopify is a robust platform that provides all the tools you need to run a successful online shop. Whether you're just starting out or looking to expand your existing business, this offer gives you the opportunity to try Shopify for next to nothing.

Take advantage of this opportunity to make your online entrepreneurial dream come true. Don't forget, this great offer starts on 22 August 2023. Get ready to take your business to the next level with Shopify!

So what does Shopify offer?

Simply launch your online shop for only 1$ or 1€ per month for 3 months !

Can you imagine the times we live in? You only need 3€ in your pocket to start a business in 90 days !

It's crazy, isn't it?

But that's not all, because before this offer Shopify 1$ was only available for the Basic package, whereas since 6 March 2023 you can use the Shopify package (normally £105 per month) or the Advanced package (normally £384 per month) for only £1 per month for 3 months!

You are then free to switch to the basic plan to minimise costs but I doubt you can do without the incredible options of the Advanced plan... Personally, this is the one I use on all my shops and I will explain the reasons for this choice.

Shopify 3 days free then 1$ 3 month 90 day trial Shopify

Why take the ADVANCED plan from Shopify for £1

The reason is simple, you can manage everything with the Advanced plan and do without a lot of paid apps. Moreover, I pay by the year which means that it costs me 289€ per month instead of 384€ if I paid by the month.

But that's not the only reason, you'll see that you're really getting screwed by taking the Basic plan... and I'll give you 3 undeniable arguments that prove that the Advanced plan is really the one you should go for (especially since you can start for only 3€ for the first 90 days...)

shopify trial 1€ 3 months

FREE SHOPIFY 3 DAY TRIAL then 3 months at 1$ per month?

The costs

Firstly, Shopify will charge you 2% for each transaction with a basic plan vs 0.5% in the Advanced plan. 2% is huge !!!! Imagine if you make £10K you are already giving them £200!

In dropshipping or E-commerce, around 10,000€ of turnover goes very quickly and you don't want to reduce your margin by an extra 2% do you?

Imagine you make 15K€ per month your Advanced package is paid... On most of my shops I run around 30 to 50K of monthly turnover so the question is quickly answered I prefer to have 0.5% of fees so I have the Advanced package...

But that's not all! With Shopify Payment there is also a fee on each blue card payment from your customers and it is much lower on the Advanced package (1.8% in basic vs 1.4% in Advanced)... I'll leave you with see the differences by clicking here.

shopify payment fees

The number of employees

2 Accounts employed in Basic vs 15 in Advanced... If you're just starting out, I don't think this is relevant to you, but as soon as you start to make a turnover in e-commerce, you'll very quickly have a team of at least 10 people working on your shops.

It is crucial to be able to monitor this but above all to segment access rights!

You need to know who is doing what in your company and above all you need to monitor what is going on to avoid excesses. If your staff all use the same access, how will you know who has made a mistake? Or who is working and who is not?

Anyway, personally I need to have specific accesses for each of my virtual assistants and for me this is really important.

shopify employee accounts

The reports

Data is where the money is!

Just as pilots need instruments that provide them with information to take off, fly and land, you need key performance indicators in your business.

In my opinion, the basic reports of the basic plan are useless and of no interest.

In the Advanced package, however, I have real access to reports that allow me to make strategic decisions and to really make decisions in my business.

A word of advice: don't neglect this aspect if you want to be really serious with your biz...

shopify custom reports

Which countries have the Shopify free trial offer (1$ per month for 3 months)?

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These articles will help you understand the benefits of Shopify and tailor your approach to your country and market. Take advantage of this promotion to give your online business a boost, no matter where you are.

Shopify is an internationally renowned e-commerce platform that enables entrepreneurs and merchants around the world to create and manage their online shop. Shopify's global reach means that it is tailored to the specific needs of each market and takes into account the cultural, linguistic and legal specificities of each country.

Shopify's international dimension is reflected in several aspects:

  1. Multilingualism Shopify: Shopify supports multiple languages, allowing merchants to offer their online shop in the language of their choice and reach a global audience. The platform also offers translation tools to help manage content in multiple languages.
  2. Currencies Shopify: Shopify allows for sales in different currencies and offers automatic conversion options for international customers. This allows merchants to adjust the prices of their products and services to local markets and facilitate cross-border transactions.
  3. Payment gateways The platform integrates a wide range of local and international payment gateways to facilitate transactions and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, regardless of their location.
  4. Logistics and shipping Shopify: Shopify offers solutions for inventory management, order picking and international shipping. Merchants have access to partnerships with international carriers to ensure fast and reliable delivery to their customers around the world.
  5. Local regulations and taxes The platform helps merchants comply with local regulations and manage sales taxes for each country. Shopify provides tools to automatically calculate taxes and simplify the management of tax obligations.

In short, Shopify's global reach enables entrepreneurs and merchants to grow their online business globally, offering an optimised shopping experience tailored to each market.

The final word on the Shopify 1$ or Shopify 1€ offer

I hope that I have given you some insight into the value of this offer and that you have become aware of the incredible opportunity that is available to you...

All you have to do is take action, as the marketers say lol

So take advantage of it now by clicking HERE ou sur le bouton ci-dessous pour démarrer votre business en ligne avec Shopify à 1$ par mois pendant 3 mois. N’oubliez pas que vous devez utiliser le plan Advanced si vous avez de réelles ambitions et que vous ne voulez pas vous faire défoncer par les frais 😉

FREE SHOPIFY 3 DAY TRIAL then 3 months at 1$ per month

Are you new to the world of online commerce or looking to optimise your spending? This exclusive Shopify offer will totally change your plans! Stay with us and discover this unprecedented opportunity.

Exclusive offer: Shopify revolutionises its subscriptions!

Mark your calendars, because from November 26, 2023Shopify is rolling out the red carpet for its future merchants. For a limited time, take advantage of a free trial and choose from the following three monthly subscription plans tailored to your needs.

  • Basic plan: For just €27 a month.
  • Shopify Plan : Immerse yourself for €79 per month.
  • Advanced plan: The crème de la crème at €299 per month.

A gift for our loyal retailers!

Shopify also thinks about its existing customers! If you're already on a paying plan, you have the golden opportunity to switch to the same plan for the modest sum of 1 euro per month for three fabulous months.

But that's not all! Shopify offers exclusive benefits during the trial period:

  • Free access to the premium features of Shopify Plus including notification management, stock management, customer support and shipping options.
  • A dedicated manager to guide you step by step.
  • An online sales tunnel builder to maximise your profits.
  • Access to a gargantuan library of 40,000 apps and extensions.
  • Customised training to master Shopify.

The economy at your fingertips

Imagine saving 26 euros each quarter on the basic plan? Or perhaps 48 euros with the Shopify? plan And for the big players, save 298 euros on the advanced plan every three months! However, remember that this 1 euro promotion is only valid for the basic plan.

And after the trial?

The countdown begins! You usually have 14 days to take advantage of Shopify's free trial, but exceptions may apply. If credit cards scare you, take a breath! You have other options like PayPal, Amazon Payments, Stripe or Cash App. Your funds will be in your account in less than 24 hours.

Activate your trial within the first 3 days and receive a promotional code for a 3-month subscription. But be careful, forgetting could cost you the standard monthly subscription.

Freedom with Shopify: No limits on the horizon!

Discover the power of Shopify without worrying about barriers. Create as much as you want, upload as many images as you want, and most importantly, sell without any restrictions. And, best of all, no limitation daily on sales.

If you decide to upgrade to the paid version, you'll not only benefit from all the advantages of the trial, but also from other invaluable tools for your business.

Shopify, the ultimate choice for your online shop

The world of e-commerce has never been so accessible. Shopify, the Swiss army knife of online sales, offers you a whole range of tools to get you started without breaking the bank. From advanced customisation to a range of tailored packages, we've got everything you need to succeed. So why not join the Shopify adventure?

shopify trial 1€ 3 months

FREE SHOPIFY 3 DAY TRIAL then 3 months at 1$ per month