ChatGPT training Create your business from A to Z

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Dive into the world of website creation with ChatGPT and find out how this skill can boost your digital business. Ready to take the plunge?

The ABCs of website creation with Kaostyl

With KaostylWe don't leave anyone by the wayside. Every step of the way to using ChatGPT effectively is explained to you, and we even promise you hyper-performing websites. Want eye-catching images and videos? We've got that too!

"The training programme will fast-track you into the fascinating world of AI. Onwards to a new skill that is indispensable in our modern world!"

Kaostyl's little nuggets

  • The keys to an online business that rocks with ChatGPTAnd it's all thanks to David, our expert.
  • How to find the area of activity that will bring in the big bucks, create a killer website and content that will hit the bull's eye. All with a step-by-step case study.
  • Become the king of ChatGPT to produce stunning images and videos.
  • The best advice from Kaostyl to optimise the use of AI and build a successful online business.

Your training path

Get ready for take-off with the following training modules:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 : Selection of a profitable domain, development of the site and content (+ 2 bonuses included)
  • Module 2 Production of images and illustrations
  • Module 3 : Video production

Note: This route is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

Kaostyl's little extras

Here's a quick overview of the bonuses you'll find in your training programme:

Bonus Description
5 Unique Prompts To manage the writing of your blog posts
1 Prompt To rewrite articles
1 Prompt Midjourney To develop your own images
1 Prompt For mass video creation with CANVA.COM

With these tools, you have all the keys you need to make the most of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence.

Who is this training for?

Whether you're a newcomer looking to learn new skills or a professional looking to expand your knowledge empire, Kaostyl's programme opens the door to a unique learning experience with an expert in the field.

It's worth noting, however, that you should know a little about WordPress and set aside a monthly budget for essential tools such as ChatGPT Plus and Midjourney.

Why choose this course?

Because Kaostyl is the assurance of expertise, versatility, innovative advice and a practical approach with a case study. And it's all tailored to all skill levels!

"Kaostyl shares his exclusive resources for building a business with AI. It's an undeniable revolution, and it's crucial to educate yourself on the subject, especially with a mentor like Kaostyl, who has AI and online business under his skin."

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