Shopify 1 euro or $ 1 - My opinion which package to choose?

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Now Shopify allows you to use the best e-commerce CMS for only € 1 on the first month on all packages!

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The offer Shopify 1 euro 3 months It's over ... But rest assured they "offer" all the same the first month for 1 euro, which is more than enough to start your activity.

The most important thing is good Plan your project And when you are ready start your first month at € 1.

However, we can then wonder What is the best package To choose to start!?It will seem to you against intuitive but I will guide you in the meander of Shopify offers, continue reading!

So I will present the different packages to you and give you my opinion so that you can make the best choice. Basically, do you want a lambo or a clio?

Choose Shopify 1 package

The basic package


Personally I advise against Systematically this package even for beginners!

What is your goal?Mount a real business or go to the wall?

By choosing this package not only do you deprive yourself of essential features for good management of your biz, but above all you will pay a lot of costs on all your transactions!

1.5% + 0.25 € on each online transaction and 2% more!So basically part of your margin is impacted directly ... In addition you will be able to delegate anything because there is no account used.

The Shopify Package


We are a bit more serious On this package and I would say that this is the minimum for a beginner total.

Here we are starting to talk about real business with beautiful prospects.

By choosing this package you will already have less costs (but they are still high) 1.3% + 0.25 € and 1% more.But for me it is not yet satisfactory and here is why:

Certainly you will be able to delegate with 5 employed accounts but you remain on standard data analyzes as on basic and we all know that data is money!

The Advanced package


There we talk !Ok it's the most expensive but but we are on serious business, are you serious?

This is the only package I recommend for those who want it!

By choosing this package you drastically reduce your costs because we drop to 1.1% + 0.25 € and only 0.6% more!It clearly has nothing to do but there is one more parameter that here is:

Optimization of the crucial conversion rate to e-commerce but above all you access the grail of personalized data analysis.This is clearly the game to change this package!

How to take advantage of this extraordinary offer?

Go to the official Shopify website.
Create your account and choose the option "1 euro for 3 months".
Start creating and customizing your online store.

The exceptional offer of Shopify, perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs: get full access to Shopify for only 1 euro per month during the first three months .This recent update, effective today, is your ideal chance to launch an online store at a lower cost.

After the test - What are your options?

Once the period of the offer is complete, you can choose from several plans according to your needs (prices for a monthly payment):

01.Basic plan (€ 27/month): Ideal for getting started with little ambition

02.Shopify plan (€ 79/month): Perfect for starting to be serious

03.Advanced plan (€ 289/month): the best choice for those who want to succeed


The Shopify offer in detail

The offer " Shopify 1 euro 3 months ”Is a boon for beginners entrepreneurs.For three months, you will have access to all Shopify's features for only 1 euro per month.This is a gold opportunity to explore the world of e-commerce without heavy investment.

Why choose this Shopify offer?

Minimized cost: launch your project with an almost zero investment.
Complete features: Access all the tools necessary for effective management of your online store.
Flexibility: Test the platform and then decide if you want to continue with a more advanced plan.

Maximize your experience with Shopify

Marketing and SEO tools: Use integrated tools to improve visibility and customer engagement.
Applications and extensions: Explore more than 40,000 applications to extend your shop.

The final word

Up to you

Your ambitions

Are you up to it?

The “Shopify 1 euro 3 month” offer is an incredible opportunity to make your online entrepreneur dream come true.With a minimum investment, this offer is perfect for testing the potential of your electronic commerce idea.Do not wait any longer, this offer will certainly be limited in time.

Start in the E-commerce adventure with Shopify today by clicking below!

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Infographic of the Shopify 1 euro offer

Shopify 1 euro infographic

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