Writing B2B email subjects that convert

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E-mail is widely used as a conversion tool in marketing, particularly in B2B commerce. Its aim is to convert a prospect into a customer. To ensure a successful sale, the subjects of these e-mails must comply with certain rules.

Why is it important to write conversion email subjects?

The content of marketing emails plays a decisive role in the sales prospecting process. E-mailing campaigns are aimed at potential customers with the aim of maximising the open rate and, above all, converting prospects into customers. 

Although the rate at which potential customers open e-mails is still low, the e-mail marketing strategy remains a commercial prospecting practice widely used by companies to sell products or services.

The content of the e-mails is aimed directly at potential customers, offering private sales, the presentation of a new product or service or invitations to a sales event.

How do you write the subjects of your marketing emails?

Speak directly to the prospect

The first thing you need to do to write a successful conversion e-mail is to address the prospect directly, by name and using "you". The aim is to attract the attention of your potential customer.

Adapting your content

Next, tailor the content of your e-mail to the recipient's interests. Guess what they need and let them know that you have the solution. It's a good idea to get to know your potential customer well and arouse their interest. Every detail of your e-mail is important in generating interest and closing a sale.

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A hard-hitting subject

To increase the open rate of your marketing emails, choose a catchy, hard-hitting subject. Don't hesitate to remind them of their shopping habits or the products they have waiting in their shopping basket. Encourage readers to open their emails with an inviting phrase.

Getting to the heart of the matter

When you talk to your prospective customer, get straight to the point and give them as much information as possible. Provide a clear response to your prospects' expectations.

Write your content well

The success rate of sales thanks to e-mail marketing is higher when the content is well written. If you don't feel sufficiently skilled at this task, why not entrust the writing of your e-mails to a copywriter. Their professionalism will increase the chances of converting your e-mails into sales.

Techniques to speed up commercial sales

Techniques that can be added to the persuasive wording of your marketing emails will enable you to increase the conversion rate of your prospects into customers. 

Use the "call to action". All you have to do is include a direct link to your sales website in the content of your e-mail. All the potential customer has to do is click on this link to gain easier access to the products or services you want to sell them.

You can also decide to create a series of e-mails aimed at your prospects to convince them step by step. The first email will attract the prospect's attention, the next will stress the need for the potential customer to buy the product they need and finally, the last email will provide the solution in the form of a sales proposal.

B2B e-mail topics that convert: what you need to know!

Sales prospecting by e-mail is a highly developed process in the world of B2B marketing. It is based on precise rules to ensure effective sales: a good hook, a targeted sales incentive and a clear response to the expectations of future customers.

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