5 tips to optimize your Shopify online shop's SEO

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Shopify is a smart solution that many merchants have generally adopted to power their online shop. One of the reasons why this platform is so popular is its simplicity and accessibility. Unfortunately, it cannot meet customers' expectations without SEO.

Today, there are techniques you can use to improve the visibility of your online shop after it has been designed. What are the ideal tips for optimise SEO of your e-commerce?

Increasing the display speed, choosing an organic referencing extension, blog animation, uniqueness of the content and selection of optimised themes... these are all tips that I will detail in this article.

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Why not start with a perfectly optimised theme?

For those who have already experienced other CMS, I don't need to remind you that organic SEO is also influenced by the choice of the platform theme. In fact, it doesn't just play an aesthetic role on your site. It also allows you to take advantage of many SEO-friendly features.

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With Shopify, I would advise you to opt for the paid themes that are known for their organic SEO options. The advantage of these solutions is that they are designed by experts who are aware of the need for optimisation. They also allow you to benefit from excellent visibility on all the media used by Internet users (tablets, smartphones and computers).

I therefore recommend that you take your time to choose your theme, as it will inevitably affect your natural referencing.

Consider working on the display speed of your Shopify shop

Whether your shop is on the Shopify SaaS solution or on another CMS, it must necessarily be fast to load. I can't count the number of times I've had to leave an online shop because of the long waiting time. In order to keep users on your site and make their purchases, you must not neglect the display speed of your e-commerce platform.

To work on this aspect, there are several tips that I suggest you put into practice. First of all, you need to make sure, as mentioned above, that your theme is of high quality. In other words, it should be fast, responsive and above all popular.

Secondly, images represent an important part of the content on web pages. I therefore suggest that you compress them, while preserving their quality. There are plenty of platforms you can go to for this. Shopify also has applications that will help you achieve your goal. Apart from images, videos are media that slow down the loading of your site. Instead of hosting videos directly on your site, you should opt for embedded videos from YouTube.

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Don't forget to create and maintain a blog

With your Shopify online shop, I strongly advise you to implement a content marketing strategy. Sometimes, some e-tailers don't find it very useful. This is a mistake they make and it damages their organic SEO.

Content marketing can take many forms on an online shop. Depending on what you want to do, you can write blog posts, shopping guides or produce videos. In most cases, blogging is the preferred solution and e-tailers are right. By publishing search engine optimised articles, you will get an incredible source of traffic which will have a huge effect on your sales.

I'd like to inform you that Shopify offers a "Blog" option for merchants who want to offer value-added content to users. With this solution, you don't need to add an extension or do any programming. You can write about a variety of topics, such as user guides, trends in your industry, tips on how to care for your items, etc.

To ensure that all your hard work is not in vain, I recommend that you pay attention to the length of your article, integrate internal and external links, add images and structure your content with titles and title and meta-description tags. Finally, don't forget to promote your content on social networks.

Opt for unique 100% content

For those of you who have never used Shopify, I would like to inform you that this platform will subject you to a specific problem: duplicate content. However, this is something that you must absolutely avoid in order to optimize the SEO of your online shop. With redundancy in your content, you risk offering a very bad experience to your users.

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In addition, you risk being penalised by Google, which will affect your search engine rankings. You should therefore avoid duplicate content, especially content that is automatically created by Shopify when an item is associated with a collection. You need to have a smart strategy in place to deal with this problem with your SaaS platform. There are tools you can use to make this easier. These include SEMrush and Screaming Frog.

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Finally, try the SEO extensions

Application shops are a common feature of many online shop creation tools. Therefore, Shopify has its own store where you can go to find useful SEO plugins. I suggest you use Plug in SEO. This quality tool will detect problems with your Shopify online shop. With this easy and intuitive solution, you'll get alerts about bad keyword placement. You will be able to correct your incorrect titles or tags.

Organic SEO will allow you to increase your sales and manage a significant turnover. To ensure that you achieve the goals you have set for yourself, the tips I have offered here will be extremely helpful.

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