How do we know who's watching our real life on Instagram?

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Creating reals on Instagram is a great way to get more followers and increase your visibility. But how do you know who's watching your real videos on Instagram? These little videos will make you more popular or get you discovered if you use a public account. When you create a real on Instagram, you want to know how many views have been generated and who's watching them! Here we'll look at the details and tips for finding out the important things about Instagram real statistics.

What is a real photo on Instagram?

Real is one of Instagram's latest features. Le réel is a short video lasting up to 90 seconds. This short video allows as many people as possible to express their creative side. You can add effects to the video or audio such as music. It's a feature that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your profile and your imagination.

Can you see who's watching your real ones?

To date, there is no easy, identifiable way of seeing exactly who is watching your real estate. There are several probable reasons for this.

  • Firstly, if your account is public, your real account on Instagram will be able to see thousands of views. A list of all viewers cannot therefore be transmitted by the social network, as this would lead to technical difficulties.
  • Such a feature would eventually become complicated. Scrolling through thousands of names to find a particular person who has viewed your real thing would seem tedious.
  • The last reason also seems to be confidentiality. If we turn the situation around, you don't always want the profile you've viewed to know. Identity protection for your profile should therefore be seen as a good thing, not a disadvantage.

How many people have viewed and liked your reality on Instagram?

Even if you can't know exactly who might have watched your reality, you can use a few tricks to find out how many people have viewed and liked it.

To find out how many people have viewed and liked your real :

  1. Go to the Real section after opening the Instagram application
  2. Find the reality for which you want to know the number of views
  3. Press the number below the heart icon.

You can then see the number of views and "likes" that this particular reality has received. To find out who has commented on this reality, click on the number below the bubble icon.

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Your real Instagram story?

The number of views and hearts on your real site is a good indicator of its success. However, there is a trick to performing a "test", and even if it's not always reliable, it can be useful. The method consists of posting your real photo in your Instagram story. To do this, all you have to do is click on "Add the real thing to your story" when you've finished recording it. You'll then be able to see who has viewed it!

Your Instagram real statistics

Instagram has introduced a new feature called "Instagram Insights". It allows you to find out more about certain elements, and in particular the trends of the real people you've posted online. This means you can see what your followers like or dislike, or find out which of your real posts are the most popular. These statistics allow you to adapt your strategy on networks like Instagram to attract more users.

Please note, however, that this feature is only available on the mobile version and only for company or creator accounts.

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