How do I create a business email address?

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Create a professional e-mail address

These days, having a professional email address is a must in business life. Communication and important messages within a company are usually sent by email, for greater fluidity and professionalism.

We'll explain the steps you need to take to create a business e-mail address: why, how, benefits and tips.

Why create a professional e-mail address?

For greater clarity

Having a professional e-mail address will enable you to clarify and promote your career and your company on the web. Creating an address is a guarantee of professionalism and recognition for a potential customer.

For greater online visibility

It's also important to have your own personalised mailbox to promote your brand and your company and make it more visible on the Internet.

How do I create a professional email address?

Choosing the right supplier

On the web, you have access to several providers of business e-mail addresses, some of which offer a free solution, such as Gmail by Google or Outlook. There are also paid hosting solutions, such as Hostinger web hosting, which they claim offers greater security.

Registering a domain name

If you have a website, an application or a blog linked to your activity on WordPress, you can configure your professional email address using this method. All you need to do is register your email with your domain name, often the name of your company, as offered by Google workspace. It's a good idea to create your mailbox in this way, as it allows customers to make the connection between your company and your email address.

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The last step after choosing your hosting and whether or not you want a domain name is to register. Registration is often quick and easy.

What are the advantages of a business email address?

Organisation and management

One of the most advantageous features of a business email address is that it allows you to better organise and manage your emails. You'll be able to find them all in one place, where you can process, sort and file them in your own way.

Confidentiality and data security

A professional e-mail address that is different from and separate from your personal e-mail address is also a guarantee of confidentiality and data security. Business mailboxes are not as secure as personal e-mail addresses.

Tips for using your business email address

Email response rate 100%

If you want to use your mailbox for professional purposes, it is essential to provide 100% with a response rate to your customers' emails as a token of your professionalism and customer satisfaction. An unanswered email is a potential lost customer.

Importance of the size of attachments

To avoid storage overload, it is also important to avoid overly large attachments. Depending on the supplier, this can lead to additional costs or even the impossibility of sending emails.

In conclusion

Sélectionnez le fournisseur adapté à votre besoin, cliquez sur inscription et créez votre adresse mail professionnelle en quelques minutes. Ainsi, vous pourrez promouvoir votre offre et service de manière claire, précise et personnalisée. Que vous ayez un site internet ou blog lié à votre activité ou non, une adresse mail professionnelle est garant d’une bonne organisation et gestion de vos courriers électroniques, mais aussi de la bonne confidentialité et sécurité des données de vos clients. N’hésitez pas à comparer les différents hébergements avant de faire votre choix et ainsi adopter la bonne stratégie marketing pour votre entreprise.

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