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Do you want to become an annuitant through real estate?

Many people will say that if it was that easy everyone would do it...

Banks don't lend so easily etc etc.

In fact, they are right except that when you have the right knowledge the doors open!

It is certain that if your financial management is catastrophic no bank will lend you money!

You will need to make management changes and understand the difference between assets and liabilities.

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Don't panic, I am personally a real estate investor, I am passionate about the subject and I know how to help you.

In this article you will discover:

  • The mindset of the profitable investor
  • What are assets and what are liabilities?
  • Minimising risk while remaining profitable
  • Secret techniques for finding the best real estate deals
  • How to manipulate your banker to obtain a loan (build a solid file)

The strategies of the greatest real estate investors will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will immediately know how to find a profitable business and get financing from your bank quickly. As Yann Darwin says:

Profitable now and not in 20 years

Read this article to find out my opinion on Yann Darwin and the solutions it offers for successful real estate investments.

Why this article? ... I am like you, I started in real estate and I quickly understood that without a good method and professional advice, the fatal error could happen...

Who is Yann Darwin?

Contractor and real estate investor, Yann Darwin supports those who wish to invest in profitable real estate.

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He has been investing in the stock market since he was a young man and has achieved impressive successes from his experiences.

So much so that before offering its training academy, it has already built up an exceptional real estate portfolio.

Today, his channel YouTube has 55,000 subscribers, its Facebook and Instagram accounts have 41,000 subscribers and 22,000 followers respectively.

Since 2016, he has published 250 videos available on YouTube seen by 6 million users.

Its Training Academy for profitable investors is the most comprehensive today.

The training courses offer real resources, personalised coaching and regular follow-up to achieve a profitable real estate investment with immediate results, not in 20 years as Yann insists.

The modules covered in the training courses contain real techniques that give quick results.

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Yann Darwin's training courses

Yann Darwin's programme is aimed at all people who have fear of investing or that require time and confidence before taking the plunge.

With the well known "Find, Decide, Start Over" course, Yann delivers all the necessary elements and foolproof techniques to find a profitable property.

Among other things, he learns how to sort through the ads easily, find a property quickly and reserve the best opportunities for himself.

This programme is reinforced by the "Deal Detection Machine" training, during which Yann teaches beginners the tricks of the trade to become as good as a pro.

This machine is a real tool to make a complete diagnosis and find the most profitable property.

The best trainer's programme is certainly the training "Power Meublé" (via this link you benefit from 500€ discount on the Power Meublé course) which develops all the knowledge and skills needed to invest in a rental property while benefiting from reduced or even waived tax conditions.

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From administrative procedures to tax issues, Yann and the whole team Greenbull Group provides all the resources to guide you through this investment.

In all his training programmes, Yann offers advice and tips to avoid pitfalls and mistakes in real estate investment but also in trading with the training on ARYA software !

Training financed by the CPF

CPF my training account   The CPF or Personal Training Account is a state-regulated right to professional training.

Each worker accumulates vocational training rights throughout his or her career.

The CPF has replaced the DIF or Droit Individuel à la Formation since 1 January 2015.

Thanks to the CPF system, you can finance all or part of the training courses of your choice, provided they are validated by the state!

All you have to do is consult your points online on the CPF website. Good news!

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This is the case with Yann Darwin's training courses! Depending on the number and amount, you can finance your conversion to real estate with Yann Darwin!

Just contact the Yann Darwin team and they will assist you in the procedures!



The Academy for Profitable Investors or Creating and developing your own real estate business

First of all I would like to make it clear that this is not a training course!

As the name suggests, it is an academy for investors.

This is really serious stuff for people who are ready to take the plunge and change their lives completely through real estate. By the way, this training has a certain cost... it costs 5994 € but by clicking on the link below you can access it for only 3994 €. Yann Darwin Academy of Profitable Investors


Well, I must admit that €3994 is not a small sum.

However, it is important to know that you are not buying a simple training course but rather a ticket to the very closed world of profitable investors.

In real estate the network is very important and only a handful of people share the best offers.

With a profitable investor academy you really take your financial future in hand.

With more than 20 modules and about 60 hours of training you will have everything you need to know about real estate as a profitable investor at your disposal for life.

Beware! As you know, the rules and laws governing real estate change frequently.

This is why the content of the course is regularly updated in line with developments in the real estate market.

Personalized support

When you enter the academy of profitable investors, you have a whole theoretical part, which is unavoidable, 60 hours of training. However, when you go into practice you will be accompanied at every stage of your project.

A self-help community

The community is made up of investors of all levels who all have the same ambition to achieve bigger and bigger projects.

There is a real emulation that will keep you motivated every day to implement actions in correlation with your objectives.

Expert coaches at your service

When you start a project you can ask to have it analysed by the team of certified coaches. Having an outside opinion when starting out is a real plus when it comes to investments. Here are the coaches:

  • PhilippeFormer bank branch manager and wealth advisor (borrowing / taxation)
  • Seb: Building engineer, project manager (property trader / renovations)
  • Fabien: Network and construction specialist 50 flats in record time
  • Arnaud: Renovation and building specialist
  • Yann Darwin: Investor, property trader, author and real estate trainer
  • Guillaume: Negotiation and Real Estate Specialist
  • Michael: Business owner and investor specialising in heavy renovations


Conferences where you can ask all your questions

There are regular live conferences reserved for members of the academy. It is a privileged moment where you can exchange and ask all your questions.

Invest with them on privileged and private deals

The icing on the cake is being able to invest with real professionals. Indeed, Yann Darwin allows you to get involved in very profitable confidential deals.

The Profitable Investor Academy Modules


  • Module 1: Refresher course
  • Module 2: Tracking down bargains
  • Module 3: Finding properties before others
  • Module 4: In the field
  • Module 5: Understanding taxation even if you're rubbish
  • Module 6: Relationship to money, success, Mindset
  • Module 7: The art of good negotiation
  • Module 8: The works - How to get rich in the dust
  • Module 9: Making a good loan application
  • Module 10: At the Notary
  • Module 11: Renting out
  • Module 12: Roadmap for a furnished rental
  • Module 13: Preponderantly real estate companies
  • Module 14: Advanced editing
  • Module 15: Auctions
  • Module 16: Professional Leasing
  • Module 17: Becoming a property trader
  • Module 18: Life annuity
  • Module 19: Surprises and confidential strategies
  • Bonus Module

Power Furnished

Yann Darwin Power Furnished   Find out how to maximise your property investment gains through furnished rental!

Indeed, renting a furnished flat offers enormous financial and fiscal advantages.

What to do before investing in real estate?

invest in real estate

First of all it is crucial to calculate the rental profitability of the property in which you wish to make a rental investment.

Analysing the city and the history of sales in the area can also be a way of ascertaining the value before buying a property.

The government website Etalab DVF (Land Value Request) will allow you to assess the property market precisely how much the properties close to the one you are targeting have sold for (this could be a powerful lever for negotiation).

Then you can also evaluate the rental income you can get by simply looking at the ads on leboncoin for example!

You will also need to pay close attention to all charges to ensure that your investment is profitable as well:

  • Property tax
  • Notary fees
  • Syndic's co-ownership charges
  • Estimate the work to renovate

There are other things to bear in mind when embarking on a rental property investment:

  • Potential capital gain if you want to resell and after works (see if you can make a land deficit)
  • Property income
  • Sum of collected rents vs. unpaid rents and potential vacancies
  • Structure Legal in your own name or SCI, SARL des familles, Micro BIC, LMNP
  • Purchase price vs. credit for your home loan
  • Credit rates
  • Social security contributions
  • potential abatement
  • Debt ratio
  • Cost of a rental management agency or concierge service if you are renting for a short period
  • Gross and net profitability
  • Rental demand in the target area
  • Possibility of co-location to improve the profitability calculation

As you can see, if you want to invest, it can be a real headache because you have to take many things into account!

But investing in a home and making a good investment do not always go hand in hand and it is a lifetime investment that should not be taken lightly.


I always prefer to train myself to learn from the mistakes of others and not waste time on things that could have been avoided.

Even if it has a considerable cost, I can assure you that a bad real estate investment can really ruin your life, so you might as well put all the chances on your side by following the teachings of Yann Darwin's training!

Why invest in real estate?

Why invest in real estate

The objective of a real estate investment can have several reasons, the return, the defiscalisation, to have an annuity, tax advantages or simply to build your inheritance.

What is certain is that it is a known and recognized lever of enrichment, investing in stone is therefore one of the best ways to secure your money.

If you invest in rental property you will receive monthly rental income.

A furnished rental is currently the best option as the rent will be more expensive and therefore it will be the tenants who will pay for your loan.

Indeed, furnished rental will allow you to make positive returns by improving the rental value of your real estate investment.

Furnished Rental Lmnp

yann darwin opinion

Being a non-professional furnished renter has many advantages, such as the possibility of deducting a lot of expenses on your revenues rental properties.

This scheme must be supervised by an accountant (you will need a SIRET number) and can provide significant tax benefits and reductions up to no tax at all on your rental income.

What are my tax benefits, tax reduction

This can greatly improve your rate of return as you can de-tax the work you carry out on your property project.

Why is the Pinel scheme not interesting?

yann darwin opinion

Pinel is only used by the state to increase the French real estate stock by fattening the promoters.

Quite frankly, do the calculations and you will quickly understand that this real estate tax exemption is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

The main reason is that most Pinel properties are overpriced at the time of purchase, so you will not make any profit on resale.

In addition, you will have to make what Pinel sellers call a "savings effort", as you have paid too much for your property and will have to take out money each month because the moderate rents provided by Pinel do not cover your monthly payments to the bank.

In short, for me, Pinel is only valid in certain specific cases but is certainly not intended for the general public.

Purchase Resale

It is also possible to carry out good operations and to bring in cash flow immediately by buying and selling.

Investing in renovation work on old property will increase the value of the property, which you will be able to recoup by making a nice profit.

property works

Choose to invest in Real Estate with Yann Darwin

Yann Darwin's trainings are rich and complete. They offer powerful and effective techniques for real-life situations.

They give you a head start on the real estate pros and will make you want to get started sooner rather than later.

So don't wait any longer! Train with the best programmes to take advantage of quickly from your investment.

Some Inspirational Quotes on Real Estate Investment!

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