Mind Mapping? What is it?

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These days, whether in the workplace or on a more personal level, mind mapping is becoming increasingly popular. used to structure and organise ideas. This method is recognised worldwide and has been part of our daily lives for many years. What is mind mapping? Definition, history, objectives, tools, benefits, we give you all the details.

Its definition

Mind mapping is a method of visually representing all your ideas or thoughts in the form of a mental map, also known as a heuristic map or diagram or cognitive map.

Its history

Before 1970

Mind mapping is a very old concept. Whether in the time of Aristotle, the Romans or the Greeks, or even in the Middle Ages, every thinking being used the concept of the mind map, in particular by associating familiar places with an idea, thus contributing to memorisation. Leonardo da Vinci and Darwin also used the idea of a central object fed by branches or ramifications of ideas.

After 1970

It was in the 1970s that English psychologist and mathematician Tony Buzan developed the contemporary Mind mapping method, based on the visual thoughts developed by the brain.

Its objectives

For companies

This method is used in companies to improve communication and understanding between members of the same team. In a collaborative context, the use of mind maps, such as during brainstorming sessions in meetings, helps to stimulate associative thinking, visualise correlations between ideas and promote the learning of new skills by encouraging memorisation.

For personal use

Used in a personal way, mind mapping develops creativity and memory. Whether for personal development or for designing a project, this mind mapping technique is effective for giving shape and clarity to your ideas. Mind mapping is also used in adult education.

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Mind mapping tools


There is a wide range of software available online for creating a mind map of your ideas. This type of software also gives you keys and tips on how to make better use of mind mapping in your work or personal life.

Print version

Would you rather do it on paper instead of using software? All you need is a sheet of paper and some coloured pencils to make note-taking more visual. This version will also help you develop your creativity and give you a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

The benefits

Organisation and management

Mind mapping enables you to structure and organise your ideas, highlighting correlations between information and helping you to understand, plan and manage your project or work as a whole.

Decision-making and learning support

Making mind maps helps you to synthesise, memorise and understand information more easily, which is one of the reasons why this concept is used in school learning techniques. Creating a heuristic image can also help you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a situation, visualise the consequences and thus facilitate decision-making.

In conclusion

Mind mapping is a marketing tool that integrates visual and mental maps or heuristic charts to put ideas and their connections into images for better organisation and management of your projects. Introduced in the 1970s, this concept is as old as Herod and continues to be applied to many areas of personal, professional and educational life. To discover this method, don't hesitate to choose one of the many software packages available online.

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