O2switch Avis June 2023 - Best WordPress Hosting ?

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I have to admit that it is thanks to O2switch that I have been using for almost 10 years, since their creation, that I have progressed a lot.

Indeed, when you work on many web projects and many websites, you are constantly faced with various problems.

So for me O2switch is much more than a host, it's a partner, that's why I praise them today in this article!

The PERMANENT availability of their technical support is just great and on top of that they have answers to everything!

Even when it's a little outside the scope of what they should be doing, they still help you just by opening a ticket.

I have hosted and still host dozens of wordpress sites with O2switch.

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A very good point about them is that they don't rest on their laurels while waiting for the money to fall.

The infrastructure behind it is regularly updated with new high-performance servers and storage devices.

I remember when they switched from SAS hard drives to SDD hard drives for web hosting.

Without any additional cost the performance of the hosting was greatly improved and the sites were even faster than before!

They could have very well released a new SSD offer but no! They decided to keep their unique offer and give all their customers better performance at the same price.

Who the hell does that? People who know what customer satisfaction is and who care about it! And it shows in a big way.

I know I'm making tons of it but this is my honest feeling about this host and I think that if you decide to go with them you won't be disappointed!

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O2switch WordPress and Woocommerce hosting


o2switch wordpress hosting review

As I said in my article Planethoster NoticeThey are currently the only two hosts I have kept to host my WordPress sites.

I would have a hard time advising you to take one or the other because they are both really good.

L'Planethoster World hosting has however a double-edged specificity. Indeed, it is possible to allocate hardware power on demand, which is not the case with O2switch.

It's a double-edged sword because on the one hand it can be confusing to choose how much power to allocate to a site and on the other hand it's a great feature when a site has to absorb a lot of traffic.

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In any case, even if you don't have this option with O2switch, you should know that in the end their system is very well thought out and that it will automatically adapt by allocating the necessary hardware resources in case of a traffic spike.


Here are two small tutorials for the O2switch Cpanel


Review o2switch cheap web host small tour of Cpanel full of IP for SEO




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How to switch your site to HTTPS with Let's Encrypt under Cpanel




O2Switch one of the best French hosting company

Founded in 2003, o2switch has become one of the best French hosting companies, especially for wordpress but not only.

Based in Clermont-Ferrand, they have their own infrastructure and datacenter in France, which gives them flexibility and complete control of the equipment.

They are real engineers behind this hosting company with a great expertise in both hardware and software technology. Indeed, from a hardware point of view O2Switch is constantly evolving and adopts the latest standards such as Nvme SSD disks, an advanced Cisco network core, the latest Intel processors and you benefit from these developments without the price going up! From a software point of view, it's the same philosophy, always with security and performance in mind, everything is mainly based on open source and precise settings. So they use linux CentOs, Cpanel, Freebsd, Mod Security, MariaDB and PHP Lite speed.

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cPanel included for easy and complete configuration

cpanel o2switch

To make the most of your space, O2switch provides you with Cpanel. It's an intuitive and clear way to manage your hosting. So via the Cpanel interface you can control a lot of things like files, databases, your different domain names and subdomains, redirects, your email addresses, your SSL certificates with lets encrypt, PHP versions with access to the memory settings (not all shared hosts allow you to do this), crons tasks (very useful for some wordpress plugins and other scripts), antivirus, automatic installation of wordpressdrupal, joomla, yourls, piwik (matomo) etc etc....


The file manager in a web browser


Personally, I much prefer to use an FTP client like Filezilla to manage my web space files but that's because I'm an old guy now 😀

In any case the file manager has the merit to be present and very powerful! It allows you to manage your folders and files and to send or download anything you want.

O2switch file manager

For large files, it's more convenient to send them in compressed format and decompress them directly on the server 😉


Unlimited management of all your databases


With O2switch, not only are you not limited on the number of sites you can host but also the databases are unlimited!

As with all good hosting companies you will have access to phpmyadmin to create and administer all your mysql databases.

You will also have access to utilities that allow you to clean and repair all your databases in a few clicks in case of problems.

o2switch database



How to point an external domain to O2Switch example with Internetbs?


If like me you buy your domain names from Internetbs you will need to point them to your O2switch host.

It's extremely simple!

First you will need to create the domain name in the cpanel as below:

add o2switch domain name

Then enter your domain name:

add domain name o2switch 2

That's it! Your domain name is now added to your O2Switch hosting space, you now have to configure the DNS on Internetbs.

Go to your internetbs account and click on the domain name you want to direct to o2switch:

dns o2switch internetbs dns o2switch internetbs

and indicate as below ns1.o2switch.net and in secondary dns ns2.o2switch.net

dns o2switch internetbs

Your domain name is now redirected to your o2switch hosting! You'll need to wait a few hours for the dns to propagate before everything's up and running 😉


Security is reinforced at O2Switch

On their servers O2Switch have opted for the firewall solution Mod Security which is a solution of application firewall for apache very well proven and very efficient.

This will allow you to secure your sites from various possible hacks. However, this should not prevent you from following some basic rules, such as keeping your plugins, themes and wordpress up to date but also using security plugins like wordfence or secupress (plugin made in France by the way ;))


O2Switch & WordPress simplicity and performance

With Softaculous you will be able to install WordPress in less than two minutes (watch the video above in this article)


Set a unique IP address with ipXtender

If you want to set up a small network of sites with O2switch and have different IP addresses, IpXtender is the tool you need.

You will be able to assign a unique IP address per domain name in order to link to your other domain names while having a different IP address. This is ideal when you want to do netlinking and a PBN.


Improve performance and loading time with XtremCache (coupled with wp rocket)

Another great tool offered natively by o2switch, Xtremcache will allow you to have a server level cache system. So your sites will be able to load at lightning speed (increased loading speed)! On the other hand I advise you to use the plugin WP ROCKET which allows you to have an even faster site!


The best French support is O2Switch

I am generally not very satisfied with all the supports I have had to deal with. But I must admit that the O2switch one is very very good.

As soon as you open a ticket you get an answer within minutes and they are so competent that they help you with all kinds of questions.


My opinion on O2Switch

Just don't think about it and go for it because for 72€ per year including tax you can host all the sites you want without making any concessions on quality.

O2Switch offers a unique but not cheap offer!

O2switch does not offer dedicated servers or VPS.

And for good reason their unique shared hosting offer is more than enough for your website or your e-Commerce in dropshipping.

With O2switch, there are no long term offers, no need for a dedicated server and no surprises, you have the best hosting that adapts to your needs even with several sites.

In addition, the backups are regular so you can always have peace of mind.

O2switch offers you a free domain name for each web hosting.

Your questions about O2Switch FAQ

✅ O2switch or ovh?

My answer is definitely O2switch for the performance, security and hyper responsive customer support!

✅ O2switch or siteground?

Siteground is clearly too expensive compared to the unique offer of O2switch which offers equal performance

✅ Planethoster or o2switch?

I don't like the management of the different sites on PlanetHoster, especially the performance allocation according to the spaces you can create.

✅ How to install wordpress at o2switch?

O2switch includes softaculous directly integrated in the cpanel allowing the installation of WordPress in 2 clicks and less than two minutes!

The different web hosting solutions

Are you looking for a host for your website ? Before making your choice, you should know that not all web hosts are equal. Some are very powerful with huge capacities like theweb host o2switchSome of them are very easy to use, while others have limited functionalities. Indeed, there are several types from which you must choose one, depending on your needs:

  • Hosting on a specific server : this type hosting is suitable for large companiesIt can host a very important site with thousands of visitors per month. It is also possible to host several sites at the same time. Even if it is very expensive, it is profitable for large structures.
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting They are suitable for small or test sites, as they offer limited capacity for their development. It is a server that can contain about 20 sites, each with the same memory and disk space.
  • Shared hosting It has the advantage of being less expensive, but at the same time offers an efficient solution, adapted to self-employed workers or SMEs with a limited number of visitors per month.
  • Cloud hosting This type of web hosting differs from others in that it uses several servers at the same time. This allows it to intervene if one of them encounters functional difficulties.

To make your choice among these different types of web hosts, you must take into account certain parameters such as: bandwidth (it must be large enough for your website to have good accessibility.), storage space (it must correspond to the size of your site.), access to a messaging service (depending on the field in which you operate, you will need an appropriate messaging service.) and the SSL certificate, which is essential to fight against piracy.

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