How to choose the best Shopify theme for your online store?

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If it is true that the clothes don't make the man, in the world of online commerce this saying is not necessarily the most adapted. Indeed, to have a shopify store that attracts a large number of people, you must first work on its appearance. It is through what they perceive, that Internet users will be able to decide whether or not to trust your brand and your products. For this, the choice of theme for your shopify store should not be taken lightly. So I propose you to discover here a detailed guide, which will allow you to better understand the importance of this theme, as well as the different parameters to take into account to make the best choice.

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Why is it important to choose the right Shopify theme?

shopify theme

When creating your shopify store, many questions will cross your mind. Among others, there are those related to the choice of the theme. You have probably already wondered if the visitors of your online store really pay attention to the aesthetics or the colors that it displays.

Others are more concerned about the need to have a specific layout or specific features through the chosen theme for the online store. If you are still at this stage in designing and creating your shopify store, then note that all these details that may seem superficial, are actually very important for promoting your brand.

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Indeed, whether it is the layout, the colors, or more globally the theme of the store, all this represents the visual aspect of your brand. This is what allows Internet users and your potential customers to get an idea of your values and the seriousness of your brand.

Therefore, all these elements mentioned here can have a significant influence on the credibility of your online store, and also on your turnover. Statistical studies have shown that more than 90 % of Internet users do not trust an online store, if it has a poor design.

In other words, if your e-commerce site doesn't look professional visually, you won't be able to take advantage of its full potential. In addition, it turns out that certain layout templates are considered to be much more user-friendly. The choice of theme is therefore crucial to the success of your business.

Prerequisites before choosing a theme for your shopify store

For beginners, it is easy to jump head first into the search for a suitable theme for their online store on shopify. This strategy is not the best, because long before consulting the catalog of themes on shopify, you need to perform some prerequisites.

At this level, I advise you to first define the different criteria on which you want to base the choice of your theme. These criteria must be determined in such a way as to highlight your activity. Thus, before launching yourself, you must ask yourself the following questions:

What functionality do I want to add to my online store? What experience do I want to create for my online store users? How many products do I want to sell in my online store catalog? What are the characteristics of the themes present on the competitors' online stores, which could interest me? How would I like to display my products in my shopify store? Do I have the budget to have a paid theme ?

On the other hand, I advise you to avoid choosing elements such as fonts or even colors of a shopify theme. All these elements can be customized according to your preferences, which means that there is no point in taking them into account.

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So, you will have to look at the other features of the different themes available, in order to make the best choice. Also, if you have enough budget, and you prefer to have a unique theme specially designed for your business, you can contact an expert shopify designer.

Visit the shopify theme store

shopify theme store

To make sure you choose the right shopify theme, take the time to browse the theme store at your disposal. The shopify theme store consists of over a hundred themes that you can choose to install on your online store. These themes are proposed by a large number of developers, including a team working with shopify, in order to create for you new themes always more efficient and more adapted to your different fields of activity.

So, since the themes offered in the shopify catalog, are tested and evaluated by experts, I highly recommend you to choose them for your online store. In addition to being very qualitative, these themes have very interesting features.

What tools are available for theme search on shopify?

tools available for theme search on shopify

Faced with the many themes in shopify's large theme store, you will definitely have a hard time making a choice. Fortunately, with this e-commerce website builder software, you will have the opportunity to enjoy several theme search and filtering tools.

With these tools, it's easier, even for beginners, to choose their theme well and quickly find what suits them best. Also, I recommend checking out the shopify app store, which has a lot of apps you can use to increase the functionality of a theme.

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This way, you can choose the theme that suits you best, even if it doesn't include all the features you are looking for. You can then update its features, by choosing the right applications. In the meantime, here is a selection of different shopify tools to choose your theme.

The filters

On the shopify themes homepage, you will find a tool that will allow you to filter your selection according to certain criteria. You will be able to explore the available themes, filtering your search based on a specific field of activity, according to the layout or even according to the features.

You can even filter the themes according to the marketing objective you want to achieve. So, use the filter that seems most important to you, and you will have a selection of themes that best meet your expectations. You will then only have to choose your theme from the selection that is proposed to you, taking into account other criteria such as the style of the layout, the look of the homepage, the size of the catalog, etc.

The search function

To find the perfect theme for your shopify store, you can also rely on the search function. This one allows you to find themes, based on their designer, their features or some key terms.

The theme collections

You can also refine your theme search on shopify, by checking the different collections made for you. These collections are updated regularly, and group themes according to trends, style and features.

Exploring the store demos

If you want to test the themes available on shopify in real time, you can use the demo explorer tool. This allows you to have examples of themes presented in a real context, to get an idea of their functionality. I should point out that once you choose a theme, you will always have the option to customize it with your own branding elements.

Theme evaluations

Just like before buying a product on the internet, you can check reviews and ratings on a shopify theme before choosing it. In fact, on the platform, you are given the opportunity to access the reviews of the different themes available, before confirming your purchase.

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So you can have a clear idea about the opinions of other sellers, who have already had the opportunity to test the theme you are interested in. You will get information about the quality of the theme, but also about the reliability of the support team.

Take into account the theme's support before choosing it

Among the main criteria to consider when choosing your shopify store theme is the support team. Indeed, before making your choice, you should make sure of the reliability of the support of the term that interests you. You should know at this level that the free themes have for support, the internal team of shopify.

So if you have any questions about these themes, just send an email to themesupport@shopify.com. If you choose a paid theme instead, developed by a third party, only the third party will be able to offer you customized support. As you can imagine, the quality of support or assistance will not be the same for all developers. I therefore invite you to test several themes beforehand, to find out if the support is really reliable and responsive.

Test several shopify themes to make the best choice

test several shopify themes

In fact, this solution is the one I recommend to all shopify CMS users. No tool or demo will be able to tell you more about how a theme works and how effective it is, than your own experience. It is true that to adopt such a strategy, you need to have a certain budget.

Indeed, you have to try several themes, both free and paid, install them and customize them to your taste, in order to choose the best one. This is a job that requires time and real involvement. Unfortunately, this is the best option to succeed in sorting out the dozens of themes you are offered in the shopify catalog. Thus, after the test phase, you will be able to choose the theme that works best for your shopify online store.

As you have seen, choosing a theme for a shopify store is not to be taken lightly. It's a choice that can be very determining for the profitability of your business. For that, don't hesitate to take into account the advice of this guide, in order to choose the best shopify theme for your online store.

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