E-commerce trends to follow for success with Shopify in 2023

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The last three years have had a definite impact on the entrepreneurial landscape around the world. As a result, start-up managers have had a hard time keeping their businesses going. Many have had to work very hard and face many uncertainties to get back on track.

If in 2023 you are a little lost, I am here to guide and support you. You should also know that you are far from being alone and that solutions exist to help your business grow. It is often said that information is an entrepreneur's greatest weapon. So you need to know how your competitors and your customers react. E-commerce is an effective way to continue to grow and expand your empire.

Among the systems for creating an online shop, Shopify 1$ is undoubtedly one of the most powerful on the market. With powerful tools like these, you can find customers, increase sales and manage your day-to-day operations. Here are some of the key trends for success in online business with Shopify in 2023.

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Making the customer experience a fundamental element

the customer experience

When you want to be a successful merchant, if there is one thing I recommend you never neglect, it is the customer experience. It should be at the heart of every merchant's efforts.

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Indeed, when a customer is satisfied with their experience during their customer journey with a brand, they are likely to rely on that brand again for a future purchase. A study commissioned by Shopify found that 27% of businesses worldwide have set customer experience as their first or second priority for 2023.

It is also important to know that a pleasant customer experience means a smooth and reassuring process from the moment your company appears to the moment you provide after-sales service. You need to consider the entire customer journey.

This includes the navigation of your site, the quality of your images, the perfection of your product sheets, prompt after-sales service and clear frequently asked questions. As a company, you should also make sure that you optimise every step of the way if you feel it is necessary.

Betting on transparency and stability

If there is one other piece of advice I can give you, it is to work transparently. The competition is very fierce these days. To be successful, you need to be transparent and unique. This is how a brand can succeed in standing out.

Today's online shopper is spoilt for choice. They choose a brand because they know it and have enjoyed using it. They may also rely on a brand because they trust it or because of word-of-mouth.

Above all, what the consumer wants from a seller is transparency. They will therefore appreciate the efforts of a company that chooses to clean up its site from top to bottom. In this respect, it is useful to highlight the values that characterise your company.

You can also make changes to the development process of your products and their packaging. All of which will allow you to be even more in line with your need to offer customers quality and ecological products.

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In addition to your website, as a company you can also be transparent about your values. Values that customers can relate to. This will make them even more interested in your products. The fact that they buy from you is a demonstration of shared values between you and the brand.

Between brands and customers, these shared values revolve mainly around social and environmental ethics and sustainability. Investing in what is sustainable is as much a certainty as a requirement. As proof, I quote a Shopify study published in 2021, which says that 53% of companies worldwide are resolutely committed, making this issue one of their priorities.

Consumers are not left out. The same study found that 42% of those surveyed said they would prefer to buy from a company that is more likely to buy from an ethical brand.

transparency and stability

It is therefore clear that ethical commitment is not only a priority for consumers. It is just as important for employees. Many employees love working for more ethical companies.

These companies therefore take pleasure in investing in recyclable, natural and renewable materials. Of course, what is important when it comes to eco-responsibility is the logistics side. There are also ways to make your supply chain as responsible and ethical as possible.

Importance of building your community

Another trend that I strongly recommend is to create and maintain a community. This is very much related to the previous points. This option will allow you to increase customer loyalty and consolidate brand awareness.

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In addition to increasing turnover, it also seriously lowers the costs of customer support. It is no coincidence that 40% brands around the world have decided to spend time and money suggesting new ways for consumers to interact with them.

Today, there are several methods to federate a community around a brand. This can be done through social networks or even physically. Better still, you can also use chatrooms and blockchain, which are options that can be taken into account.

Prioritise online sales without abandoning marketplaces

I'm not telling you anything new when I say that digitising the physical business has saved a huge number of young entrepreneurs in 2020 and 2021. Yoze gyms are a case in point.

It is true that physical locations have almost normally resumed their activity. However, online sales must remain a priority to be maintained or explored for most companies. The latter have understood this very well. More than 54% of them have chosen to rely more on e-Commerce in 2023.

Just because you are focused on selling online, don't let the power of marketplaces get in the way. According to Shopify's on-demand study, at least 38% of consumers make product purchases at least once a month on marketplaces.

Investing to find solutions to supply chain problems

The COVID crisis is the clearest evidence that anomalies in the supply chain can lead to major disruption, even for small businesses. As a result, more than 43% merchants have decided to change their approach. They are doing so to fundamentally rethink their manufacturing and shipping strategies.

Beyond the objective of protecting against potential large-scale damage such as the world has experienced as of 2020, there is another benefit. Readjusting and re-adjusting manufacturing and shipping strategies is a great option to lower costs, but also to strengthen service to consumers.

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Having an efficient supply chain is probably not the most attractive part of retailing. However, it is undoubtedly the most important part that should occupy any business that aims to grow.

Indeed, the way in which various companies move their products around the world is an important issue. The fact that brands are looking at this issue and developing ideas to be more efficient is a sign of seriousness and results.

Increase customer confidence through faster and more transparent shipping

In order to make the customer experience smoother, here is a solution I strongly suggest. Shoppers who buy from marketplaces have adopted certain habits. Shopping on marketplaces gives them clear and unambiguous information about price and delivery times.

speed and transparency in shipping

They also expect this clarity from all the online shops from which they make their purchases. It is true that it is a real challenge for a young company to ensure delivery conditions comparable to those of large marketplaces. However, there are ways to ensure that your customers receive the highest possible quality of delivery. Even if you are a small company.

The vast majority of companies have identified three areas in which they would like to invest more for 2023. Firstly, the reduction of shipping rates through free and flat rate shipping.

Secondly, there is greater flexibility in shipping and returns policies. Finally, there is a change in shipping methods to reduce the impact of international shipping delays.

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Make international shipping easier for your customers

This is an important part of the magic of online sales. It's about helping consumers acquire your products no matter where they live, including halfway around the world. However, for consumers, it can be nerve-wracking to acquire products from a shop located far from their borders.

Many questions may come to mind for the consumer. What is the total cost of shipping? How long does the order take to be delivered? How do I get the returns in time?

In order to deal with all of these concerns, I recommend that you do everything possible to make this a pleasant and reassuring experience. This includes finding logistical solutions. There are also inexpensive options to simplify international shipping. Trust Shopify to have some very convenient options in this regard.

Prioritise an omnichannel strategy and be creative

The method by which consumers source their food has changed considerably. This is due to the health crisis. Changes that show what the retail world will be like in 2023.

These days, digital native brands have gained a lot of power. Most are even considering moving into physical retail. An option to provide new experiences for customers. This will strengthen the competition that exists in the sector.

Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and expect to have easy and consistent shopping experiences both in person and online. It's time to offer omnichannel strategies and compete creatively. The aim is to deliver exceptional and memorable experiences to your customers.

be creative

In order to achieve this objective, I ask you to adopt solutions such as live chat, virtual shipping or social commerce. In this perspective, you will have to train your staff to these new technologies.

Thinking about and adopting a "social commerce" strategy

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing. So any company that wants to compete with the growing number of competitors must be able to make changes. This means adopting any new online sales strategy as it emerges in the world of online sales.

For 2023, among the most serious trends, we can mention social commerce as well as live shopping. The figures support this trend and prove that social commerce will only grow. Indeed, more than a third of Facebook subscribers have estimated that they will make a purchase directly on the platform in 2023.

Almost half of the brands plan to increase their investment in social commerce in 2023. Finally, live shopping is not left behind. It is gaining space with 61 % of growth in the rank of livestream shopping app installers worldwide. A percentage that, according to Shopify's internal data, is between 1 January 2021 and 30 September 2021, compared to the same period in 2020.

Enhancing the employee experience to strengthen the customer experience

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and want impeccable customer service. I suggest that you do everything possible to ensure that your employees meet these requirements. You need to implement a better employee experience in order to achieve a better customer experience.

employee experience

This means putting your employees in the best possible conditions to work smoothly and achieve performance. Incentives should also be provided for performance. An employee who is rewarded for his or her sales figures will always want to do more, for the benefit of the company.

Today's business sector requires adaptability. For an entrepreneur to be successful, he or she must adapt, improve, and start over if he or she makes a mistake. These trends listed above will help you determine the path you need to take for 2023. Ask yourself the right questions and define a clear strategy to achieve the performance you want in 2023. It could well be the year of achievement and success for you.

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