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As the name suggests, a ghostwriter writes content for someone else. However, ghostwriting is a profession in its own right, with its own advantages and disadvantages. In fact, ghostwriters need very specific skills in order to exercise their profession.

What is the ghostwriter's role?

A ghostwriter is a person who writes for and under someone else's name, anonymously, in the shadows. They often work on a freelance basis.

It's a widespread profession in which the "ghost" writer earns a salary for writing a blog post, speech or book in a variety of fields. The writer may work for politicians, newspapers, magazines, business leaders or novelists among others. They may also write content for websites and social networks. It's often compared to copywriting, which has more of a marketing focus, or to web copywriting.

The ghostwriter is an anonymous writer whose name never appears at the bottom of the text. His client signs for him.

What skills do you need to become a ghostwriter?

To become a ghostwriter, you need a number of skills.

The ghostwriter must be a good writer, with impeccable spelling and grammar. His writing is persuasive, pleasant to read and rich in vocabulary. He or she must be able to adapt to all styles of writing, as recommended by clients, and meet deadlines.

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The ghostwriter is a professional, rigorous and organized writer. They often work on several projects at once.

Ideally, the copywriter has a background in journalism or communications. They are paid by the page or by the word, depending on their editorial experience and the complexity of the task in hand.

Why use a ghostwriter?

Ghostwriters often write for people who don't have time to write. It's a long and tedious job. Delegating the writing allows the client to focus on other tasks.

Another reason to hire a ghostwriter is that not everyone can write brilliantly. Ghostwriting is a profession in its own right.

What are the advantages of becoming a ghostwriter?

The main advantage of ghostwriting is making money. An experienced ghostwriter can easily make a living from writing. It's in great demand in all fields. Many job offers for this profession are available on the web, especially on LinkedIn.

Because the work is carried out anonymously, the ghostwriter doesn't feel the pressure of marketing success and promotion. They concentrate solely on their writing.

The ghostwriter's wide range of writing subjects more than satisfies his passion for writing.

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What are the disadvantages?

As in any profession, there are disadvantages.

Indeed, it can be frustrating to never see your name on the work you produce. You never get public praise for the quality of your work. It's the person who asked you for the work who gets it, even though he's not the author. You shouldn't be in this business for the recognition.

Another disadvantage is that it's difficult to make yourself known, since the work is anonymous. Fortunately, it is possible for the writer, thanks to clauses in the contract signed by both parties, to include the assignment in his or her portfolio.

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p style="text-align:justify;"> The ghostwriter is an anonymous writer who makes his living from his passion for writing. He seeks neither fame nor recognition, but focuses instead on financial gain and satisfying his need to write.

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